Overview of COEUS

The Office of Sponsored Programs on behalf of Stony Brook University and in conjunction with the University at Buffalo, the University at Albany, Binghamton University and The Research Foundation for the State University of New York has entered into a consortium arrangement to license Massachusetts Institute of Technology's COEUS software product. Currently, this product is licensed to over 40 institutions including Johns Hopkins University, the largest US recipient of NIH funding. In addition to the proposal preparation and submission module, COEUS provides internal proposal approval routing.


  • What is COEUS?
    •  In addition to the proposal preparation and submission module, COEUS provides internal proposal routing and approval, and modules for proposal and award tracking, research compliance and conflict of interest approvals.
  • COEUS Mandatory Memo
    • Continuing the COEUS Roll-Out
      To: All Faculty and Staff
      From: Office of Sponsored Programs
      Date: September 28, 2010

      Dear Campus Colleagues:

      In its effort to reduce faculty members' time and make the process of preparing proposals less burdensome, the Office of Sponsored Programs identified the COEUS grant proposal submission system as a tool integral to achieving that goal and is happy to continue the roll-out, demonstrations and training sessions of the system.

      As many of you know, the Proposal Development module of COEUS was rolled out on a voluntary basis back on April 2, 2010. Since that time, many of you have chosen to use COEUS, either strictly for electronic routing of your proposal for internal approvals or for system-to-system submission to We are now moving to the next step of the roll-out.

      Effective, January 1, 2011, the Office of Sponsored Programs will require institutional routing of all proposals through COEUS. The SUSB-299 form ("4 page form") will no longer be accepted. Using COEUS for routing will still allow you to utilize existing methods of proposal submission (Fastlane, via Adobe, etc.), securing Stony Brook University approvals. 

      Benefits of using COEUS include:

      • Provides the faculty with an internet based program that allows them to share proposal information with other faculty, administrators and OSP
      • Reduces the time required to acquire signatures from multi- departmental or multi-PI/Co-PI submissions and allows faculty to work on the science up until submission to sponsor
      • Ability to create proposal templates and utilize the copy function to save time
      • Enhanced ability to provide detailed reports to the Deans, Chairs, Faculty and Staff
      • Provides the faculty with an electronic storage system of all of their proposals
      • Provides on-line tracking and status of proposal development and routing

      You can learn more about the COEUS product and the roll-out by accessing our website. To date, the Office of Sponsored Programs has conducted 27 departmental/school demonstrations of the product and 8 hands on training sessions. We will be updating our website to provide enhanced training material, checklists, FAQs, and required internal forms that will be accessible from within the COEUS application.

Submit a Proposal

The tools below will allow you to activate your COEUS account which will enable you to then log on to COEUS to begin preparation of your proposal.  Use the Checklist to be sure you have competed all mandatory sections.  The COEUS Proposal Form  is a mandatory form required to be uploaded into your proposal.  Your COEUS proposal must also include a budget with justification, scope of work (abstract) and Facilities statement.

COEUS Training

  • Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • COEUS Training Environment (Sandbox)
  • Request a Demo/Schedule Training
  • Upcoming Training Dates:
    • 2017
      • Friday, February 17th from 9am - 11am
      • Friday, March 17th from 9am - 11am
      • Friday, April 21st from 9am - 11am
      • Friday, May 18th from 9am - 11am
      • Friday, June 16th from 9am - 11am
      • Friday, July 21st from 9am - 11am
      • Friday, August 18th from 9am - 11am
      • Friday, September 15th from 9am - 11am
      • Friday, October 20th from 9am - 11am
      • Friday, November 17th from 9am - 11am
      • Friday, December 15th from 9am - 11am


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