Controlled Substances In Research

Overview of Controlled Substances

The campus policy recognizes three categories of controlled substance use in research: 
Use of Controlled Substances within DLAR: the use of controlled substances will be obtained via the staff of the Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR) for routine veterinary use within DLAR facilities, and is therefore covered under DLAR’s state license and DEA registration.
Use of Controlled Substances in Patient Care Activities: the use of controlled substances will be in compliance with the institutional dispensing licenses held by the University Hospital, Dental Care Center and the University Health Service for patient care activities conducted within those sites only.(Controlled substances for patient use may only be prescribed by faculty holding appropriate DEA and state registration. University Hospital house staff may prescribe controlled substances under the institutional registration after obtaining appropriate authorization.).
Other: The use of controlled substances not covered under the preceding sections requires either coverage under an individual or departmental license. Submit to the Office of Research Compliance proof of either departmental or individual (a) licensure from the NYS Department of Health (b) registration with the Drug Enforcement Administration

Federal Regulations

If the proposed use requires individual or departmental licensure, registration is required with the Federal DEA. 

NYS Regulations

If the proposed use requires individual or departmental licensure, licensure is required with the NYS Department of Health.


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