If you are the lead approver for your department as well as the PI on the proposal you will not be able to approve the proposal. It is important that each step of the approval process have at least two approvers. If you are the PI make sure that your alternate is able to approve. If you are both senior personnel on the project contact your sponsored programs representative for additional options.

To complete the credit distribution, click on ‘Credit Distribution’ on the left side menu of your Funding Proposal workspace in myResearch Grants.

All Senior and Key personnel added on the Funding Proposal appear on the Credit Distribution.

In the Proposal Credit column, assign Credit % that appropriately represents each person’s contribution to the project. The total of assigned Credit must equal 100%.

Next, assign the credit between the Department(s)/Center(s) displayed for each PI/co-PI/Senior Person/Key Person under both Financial Credit and Recognition Credit. A PI/co-PI/Senior Person/Key Person can have more than one Department they are assigned to receiving credit. Both columns when completed must total to 100% for each individual. NOTE: The Financial Credit for each PI/co-PI/Senior Person/Key Person can be different than their Recognition Credit but both must total 100% for the proposal. Even if 0% financial credit is desired for an individual, the Unit Total for that PI/co-PI/Senior Person/Key Person must still equal 100%. 

There may be instances when it will be necessary to add a Department/Center/Institute to the Credit Split, however the PI assumes responsibilities and should never add additional departments and remove their department for the purpose of circumventing campus approvals.

Credit Distribution Definitions

Proposal Credit

Percentage credit that represents the distribution of each person’s overall responsibility for the successful performance of the project.

Financial Credit

For each individual, this represents the percentage that each listed unit’s resources will be utilized for the project.

Recognition Credit

For each individual, this represents the percentage that each listed unit contributes intellectually/academically to the project.

Note - the individual must have a Coeus account to be added as an Aggregator.

Click on Proposal Roles. To the right of the Aggregator row, click Add user. Search for the individual. Click on their name and this person will be added.

To COPY a Coeus Lite Proposal for updating and resubmitting to the same or another sponsor:

  • From My Proposals or Search – Find the proposal you want to copy
  • (You must have Aggregator Role in order to copy all Narratives and Budget)
  • Open the proposal
  • Select the Copy function from the left navigation bar

 If you are authorized to create proposals in more than one department, you will be prompted to select a Lead Unit.

     When the next screen opens:

  • click to copy Budget – select Final version only (or the version most appropriate to your new proposal needs)
  • click to copy Narratives (if appropriate –most of these files will need to be replaced for all but Change/Corrected applications).
  • Your Copied Proposal will be created and appear on My Proposals screen – the highest proposal number.
  • Return to My Proposals to open the copied proposal.

A lock results from having multiple sessions/screens open for one proposal, or from exiting a prior work session improperly. An improperly ended session, will cause COEUS to assume that someone still has the record open, and it's preventing those last updates from being changed by what it perceives as another person.

To fix this situation, and open the record again:


  • Close the proposal window you have open.
  • Select Current Locks, located on the upper right of your screen.
  • When the window opens, use the Remove option to delete the lock on the proposal.
  • Return to My Proposals and select the application you need to complete.

If this does not correct the issue or if you are not the project team member that has placed the lock on the proposal contact your sponsored programs representative for assistance

If your proposal is rejected a reason will be provided on the email that you receive through the system.  Correct that issue and resubmit.  If you are not sure how to correct the matter contact the person who rejected the proposal for guidance.

If you say "Yes" to one of the compliance questions and do not yet have a Log # and date, click the Pending box.
The system works best with PDF.
There are various proposal roles in the system with the top one being aggregator. The person who creates the proposal is automatically given this status. It is important that you also grant this type of access to the project PI, your sponsored programs representative and any co-I or key person that will need to certify the proposal. Check with your department to see if they mandate that anyone be added as aggregators. There are also viewer roles that only allow people to review the material but not make any changes.
If a team member has a joint appointment you can add a unit under the Key Person tab. To do this you will need to go into the details to the right of the person’s name. There under the Unit Details click on Add Unit. You can either search for the unit, making sure to include “050” in the front of the unit name and an * after, or enter the unit number if it is available. Once you have located the correct unit make sure to save the changes at the bottom of the page

Check with your department to see if they have any specific requirements. For a proposal to be approved most departments require at least these files to be uploaded: Budget (use the OSP budget worksheet), Budget Justification, Abstract, Facilities and Equipment as well as the COEUS Proposal Form and FCOI for all key people. If you are working with a sub-contractor you will also need to include their budget, budget justification, SOW and the Commitment Form

Once your proposal is in the routing cycle there will be a new tab on the left menu bar called approval routing. On this tab you can see who has approved, who is pending and if there are any comments. It is here that you can also recall the proposal if you need to make changes once it is in the approval cycle.

In myResearch Grants, the PI submits the funding proposal for routing. The next approval will be that of all co-PIs (if any), before it routes to the Chair/Dean levels.

Once the PI submits the funding proposal for routing, the status in myResearch Grants will show as Department Review regardless if it is at the Chair, Dean or Provost levels.

At any time during routing, the PI can press the Recall button for a revision and this will bring the funding proposal out of Departmental Review.

If you have a joint appointment or unique situation, it is your responsibility to make sure that the departments/centers/institutes listed on the Credit Distribution screen are correct.

There is a training manual and video clips on how to submit and approve a proposal on the myResearch Grants web site, as well as hands on training. To register for one of our upcoming trainings complete the form at this link.

To log on to myResearch portal you will need to use your NetID and password.  If you do not know your password it can be updated through the SOLAR system.

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