What do I need to consider before traveling?

International travel considerations include: country you are going to (is it a sanctioned/embargoed country), person/business/university you are visiting (are they a restricted entity), what you are taking (is a license needed or is there a license exception), and what you will be doing there (do you need a license).

Example - standard laptops qualify for license exception TMP. Although no license is required, there are requirements to be in compliance with the license exception: you MUST retain exclusive control of the equipment at all times, you MUST not let the equipment be used by anyone in the foreign country, you MUST not intend to keep these items in these countries for longer than one year, you MUST verify that no government licenses are required.

Example - even if you are conducting fundamental research, a license may still be required to bring field equipment. This is especially true for any military controlled items.

Example - travel to Cuba has recently opened up but travel is not completely open and not all activities are permitted.

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