How can I copy an existing proposal?

To COPY a Coeus Lite Proposal for updating and resubmitting to the same or another sponsor:

  • From My Proposals or Search – Find the proposal you want to copy
  • (You must have Aggregator Role in order to copy all Narratives and Budget)
  • Open the proposal
  • Select the Copy function from the left navigation bar

 If you are authorized to create proposals in more than one department, you will be prompted to select a Lead Unit.

     When the next screen opens:

  • click to copy Budget – select Final version only (or the version most appropriate to your new proposal needs)
  • click to copy Narratives (if appropriate –most of these files will need to be replaced for all but Change/Corrected applications).
  • Your Copied Proposal will be created and appear on My Proposals screen – the highest proposal number.
  • Return to My Proposals to open the copied proposal.
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