How do I request OPD services?

There are a variety of ways to request services and receive information from OPD:

  • To request services from OPD please complete the following information, so we have a clear understanding of how we can best assist you - you may need to enter your net id information

  • To be added to our Google Group and receive emails on future funding opportunities, workshops and other announcements, please follow the following instructions: 

    • Sign into your Google Account at
    • Select Groups from the upper right corner grid
    • Click on My groups
    • Search for 'OPD Announcements'
    • Click on 'Apply for Membership'
  • ​​We provide walk in hours each week to assist with education plans, mentoring plans, disseminations plans, NSF broader impact statements, COEUS, budgets, resource sharing plans, and data management plans
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