The Numbering System in IRBNet (What happened to the old CORIHS #’s?)

You will note 2 different #’s in the IRBNet system, IRBNet #, and Local Board Reference #:

1. The IRBNet # is not your CORIHS #, but is an important ‘internal tracker’ provided through IRBNet which is assigned to all studies that you create (new and continuing). The root # stays the same from creation of a project to termination thereof. The suffix of the IRBNet # (e.g., -1, -2. -3 etc) is the ‘package #’ with which you are dealing for a single project, i.e., each new package will change the suffix of the IRBNet #.

Example: So if your original submission is given the IRBNet # 123456-1, and the IRB reviews the submission and requires changes, you will submit your response as a new package to the original, and it will be given the IRBNet # 123456-2. If it’s then approved, and you want to add an amendment, you will submit it as a new package, it will be given the IRBNet #123456-3. And so on. If you click on ‘project history’ for IRBNet #1234567-3, you will see all the packages for the study.


2. The local board reference # is the CORIHS # for your project. Once a project is assigned a CORIHS# in IRBNet, that # will remain exactly the same throughout the life of the study.

The numbering system for CORIHS is being changed to comply with recent FDA recommendations, and to ensure that the PI has full knowledge regarding when a 5 year continued approval is due for a given study.

New (first time) applications:

New applications coming into IRBNet will be assigned in sequential order, starting with 2008-0001. Any CORIHS # beginning with a 2008 # will have its 5 year continuing reviews due in 2013 and 2018. It will now be your responsibility to track when your 5 year continuing reviews are due.

Continuing Review Applications:

The last 4 digits of your current CORIHS # will stay the same. The first 4 digits (the year ‘prefix’) will revert back to the year you received approval for a full submission (either as a new or as a 5-year continued application, whichever is later).


If your current CORIHS# is 2007-3529, and the last time you made a full submission to CORIHS was 2005, then your new CORIHS# in IRBNet will ‘revert’ back to 2005-3529 (ORC staff will do the research and issuance of the new #). By doing this, you will now know that your 5 year continuing reviews will be due in 2010 and 2015. It will now be your responsibility to track when your 5 year continuing reviews are due. 

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