Obtain Electronic Signatures for Your Package

Once you are done uploading all your documents and have given access (shared) your submission with all relevant individuals, be sure to sign your project (click the button ‘Sign this Package’ on the left side margin of your screen), and make sure your department chair (with whom you shared the project ) also electronically signs your project . Chair should only sign when your documents are finalized for submission, i.e., just before you are ready to submit to CORIHS.

For new and continuing studies

  • You will need to provide electronic signatures from the PI, chair, and BNL (i.e., Darcy Mallon, for applications from BNL) before you submit the project to CORIHS.
  • All co-investigator e-signatures will need to be present before the project will be approved by CORIHS. Signatures can be added to a project even if the individual in question has ‘read-only’ access, and even if the project is in ‘locked’ status.

For any interim submissions (amendments, UPs, SAEs)

The PI must provide electronic signature before the project is submitted to CORIHS. 

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