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Sponsored Programs
Position Name Phone Number E-mail
Interim Director for Sponsored Programs Alina Stroia 631-632-9028
Administrative Staff Assistant Kathryn Belmonte 631-632-4402
Secretary Josephine Schwarz 631-632-9949
Contracts Administrator Anne DePietri 631-632-4702
Contracts Administrator Celeste Radgowski 631-632-9079
Contracts Administrator Deborah Chalmers 631-632-1682
Grants Administrator Kristen Ford 631-632-8331
Grants Administrator Laureen Velez 631-632-1681
Grants Administrator Mary Serra 631-632-9102
Supervisor, Account Establishment Unit Razeema Sahib 631-632-6568
Senior Account Establishment Specialist Jacelyn Dent 631-632-6569
Account Establishment Specialist Claire Foley 631-632-9016
Account Establishment Specialist Paula Moore 631-632-9008
Vice President for Research
Position Name Phone Number E-mail
Special Project Coordinator Lydia Chabza 631-632-4402
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