Research Development and Assessment

The Office of Research Development and Assessment (RD&A) focuses on the service and support mission of the Stony Brook Research Office. In doing so, it works to fulfill three primary objectives.

The first of these is to provide assistance to investigators and departmental administrators that will enhance the competitiveness of researchers in obtaining extramural funding. In this aspect it provides various funding and grant writing opportunities. Furthermore, the Office of RD&A works to disseminate research related communications and publications by assisting in the matching of collaborators. Finally, it conducts assessments of the research infrastructure including research administration management systems. All of these help to promote a suitable environment for research.

Institutional Support/ University Research Development Funds (URDF)

Find research support
Applying for institutional support

Limited Competitions

Identify partners for research
How to apply for funding within sponsor regulation

Resources for Grant Writing

Where to find assistance in grant writing
Take advantage of organizational and institutional help

SBU Internal Grant Programs

SBU SEED Grant programs

Search for Collaborators

Identify partners for research
Search through profiles for like interests

Search Funding Opportunities

Find funding for research
Facilitating the search for sponsors


The PI, or Principal Investigator, is the person who conducts the research study. The PI is also the person who is responsible for making sure everything is done properly. Along with the PI, there may be other persons who help with the study.  For example, if it is a medical study, there may be a nurse involved in conducting the study.  There are also people who look at all the data that is collected in the study and other individuals involved in operating the study.

Yes. You will need to apply using the Research Support Request form. More information about institutional support may be found at this site. 

SUNY Scholars may be found using The Research Foundation Portal.

Other collaborative opportunities may be found on the Search for Collaborators page.

Information pretaining to sponsor held limits on proposals from universities may be found on this page.

Events and Training

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