Receiving Third Party Proprietary Information

What is Third Party Proprietary Information?

Third party proprietary information is information from another source that is not in the public domain.

Is Third Party Proprietary Information Excluded from the Export Regulations When it is Used to Conduct Fundamental Research?

Third party proprietary information is not excluded from export control regulations even if it is received in conjunction with a fundamental research project.

How Can You Tell if Third Party Proprietary Information is Export Controlled?

Requesting Prior Notification to the University

Prior notification allows the University to determine if an export license would be required to share the information with a foreign person (even an employee or student). When conducting activities with outside partners, the following documents assist the University in identifying export controlled proprietary information.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) - utilized for exchange of proprietary/confidential information. The Office of Technology Licensing and Industry Relations can assist with NDAs.

Research Contracts - utilized for both funded and unfunded research projects with outside partners. The Office of Sponsored Programs can assist with Research Contracts

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