Conduct Your Research Ethically and Compliantly

Research Compliance

Each compliance area has its own campus training requirements, application procedures, and regulations and policies.  Depending on the type of research, you may need to get approval for:

To conduct research with human subjects you need to have an IRBNet account, complete the SBU-required training to become certified in human research protections, and be approved as a PI or co-investigator on an IRB approved protocol.

To conduct research with animals you need to have an IRBNet account and be approved as a PI or co-investigator on an approved IACUC protocol. You will need to secure clearance from the Division of Occupational, Environmental and Clinical Preventive Medicine Department (i.e. Occupational Health Clearance). In addition, there is mandatory training in the DLAR (Division of Laboratory Animal Sciences) and additional training modules required that vary depending on the type of research you are doing. DLAR will assign you modules in the CITI training program that are appropriate for you to complete. 

To conduct research that involves recombinant DNA, you need to have an IRBNet account, undergo Environmental Health and Safety required biosafety training, and be approved as a PI or co-investigator on an IBC approved protocol.

To conduct research with stem cells you need to have an IRBNet account and be approved as a PI or co-investigator on a Stem Cell (SCRO) approved protocol. Approval may also require concurrent approval of an IACUC or IRB application, depending on the type of work being conducted. You must complete the SBU-required training (Stem Cell Modules) to become certified in Stem Cell Research which is located in the CITI course online.


Federal regulations and campus policies provide guidelines for ethical behavior in the following areas:  

Research Misconduct

  • All members of the University Community ("members") are obligated to adhere to the highest professional standards of integrity in planning, performing, reviewing, and reporting the results of research/scholarly activities conducted under the auspices of this Institution, and report observed, suspected, or apparent research misconduct, and to cooperate with the Research Integrity Officer (RIO) and other institutional officials in the review of allegations and the conduct of inquiries and investigations. All parties have an obligation to provide evidence relevant to research misconduct allegations to the RIO or other institutional officials.

All campus activity needs to comply with federal export control regulations

  • All SBU and RF employees should be familiar with the federal export control regulations as they apply to their job functions and responsibilities. 
  • Investigators are required to complete the Export Control Questions in COEUS at the time of application.
  • All travelers are required to submit an Electronic Foreign Travel Request when traveling internationally on Research Foundation funds all other international travel for SBU activity is to be submitted in compliance with the Office of Global Affair’s International Travel Policy.

For further information and/or guidance, contact The Office of Research Compliance (ORC)

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