Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarship

Overview of RCRS

Institutional Policy

Stony Brook University is committed to fostering and maintaining a culture of integrity across our diverse community. Ensuring compliance with appropriate formal training requirements for the responsible conduct of research and scholarship is part of this commitment.

The training consists of an online component and an in-person training component as detailed in P211: Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarship (RCRS).

Complementary Policies (to be posted as finalized)

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Business

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

School of Dental Medicine

School of Health Technology and Management

School of Journalism

School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

School of Medicine

School of Nursing

School of Professional Development

School of Social Welfare

Federal Policies

National Institutes of Health – Requirement for Instruction in the Responsible Conduct of Research

National Science Foundation – Responsible Conduct of Research

RCRS Training Resources

On-line Training in CITI

The CITI training is discipline specific (Biomedical, Social & Behavioral Research, Physical Sciences, Humanities, Engineers) courses are available, covering Research Misconduct, Data Management, Conflict of Interest, Collaborative Science, Responsible Authorship, Mentoring, Peer Review, Lab Animals, and Human Subjects.

How to access CITI Training

In-Person Training - Available Resources

Available GRD 500 Sessions (In Person Training)

Other Training Resources (In-Person Training)

RCRS Training Database

The RCRS Training database may only be accessed by individuals authorized by their Academic School or College's RCRS Training Program to input training data. To do so without such authorization is a violation of campus policy P211.

Database Login Here

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