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Request for Applications

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Current, full-time, tenured or tenure track faculty at Stony Brook University. Exceptions for full-time non-tenure track faculty may be considered. Submissions by non-tenure track faculty must be accompanied by a written endorsement from the department chair.

AWARD AMOUNT: We expect to fund 10-14 awards up to $40,000 per award. Average size award is $25,000.

START DATE: Between April 27 to May 8, 2020

GRANT PERIOD: Up to 12 months


Program Background

The COVID-19 Seed Grant Program will provide funding for research directly related to the current COVID-19 outbreak, including but not limited to:

  • Analysis of the development, detection, and spread of the virus
  • Innovations in treatment methodology, including the development of diagnostic tools, therapeutics, vaccines, and clinical management of the disease
  • Broader impacts of the current pandemic, including psychosocial, behavioral, and economic effects

The goal of the COVID-19 Seed Grant Program is to give Stony Brook University faculty a competitive edge in securing external funds for COVID-19 research. All proposals should be submitted with the intent to develop larger, more extensive and collaborative research projects to further the understanding of the new virus and/or improve the response to a growing pandemic.

Projects with a focus on health are highly encouraged. While all research related to COVID-19 will be considered for funding, priority will be given to projects with applications in prevention, diagnostic testing, treatment development, and healthcare delivery.


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for funding, projects must demonstrate the following:

  • Research has a direct connection to the current COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Funds will be used to develop preliminary studies, data collection, team development, etc. as a baseline for the submission of future large and complex proposals to external sponsors.
  • For funds from the Institute for Engineering-Driven Medicine, at least one faculty from CEAS and one faculty from SOM must be part of the PI team. This is not a requirement for all applicants. This is only a requirement for funds from IEDM and not a requirement for the OVPR seed funds.
  • The project has the ability to make significant progress and achieve necessary results within the 12-month grant period.
  • The PI is a full-time, tenured or tenure track faculty at Stony Brook University with a history of funding in related research areas. Exceptions for full-time non-tenure track faculty may be requested and must be accompanied by a written endorsement from the department chair. Faculty may only be PI on one application and Co-PI on one application. There is a limit of three Co-PIs on any application. If the project warrants additional PIs, the application must include a strong justification.
  • Current awardees of an OVPR seed grant are eligible to apply for this special initiative seed program.
  • There is a strong team in place with existing partnerships across disciplines and institutions where necessary for the success of the project.
  • Research activities must comply with provisions to protect personnel, including but not limited to guidelines for social distancing. If the project requires use of a laboratory that has been shut down, operations may only restart on the condition that opening the laboratory does not violate the current safety guidelines. Please keep in mind that it may be difficult to procure necessary materials and reagents in the time frame needed. If any of these restrictions will prevent the research from moving forward during the 12-month award period, then the project will be ineligible for funding.


Award Information

We expect to make approximately 10-14 awards, average size award is $25,000 with a maximum award amount of $40,000 for the 12-month project period.

Funds can be used for equipment and supplies, travel, and consultant costs. Personnel costs for research staff (students, technicians, etc.) can also be included in the budget.  However, salary for PIs and CoPIs must be presented with strong justification. All personnel related expenses must include fringe. Indirect costs should not be included in the budget.

Budgets should include strong justification across all categories as projects will only be funded at the level deemed necessary to accomplish research goals in the 12-month project period.

Refer to the FAQs for all OVPR Seed Grant Programs.


Post-Award Requirements

Awarded projects will be required to submit a progress report six months after funds are received as well as a final report at the end of the award period. Templates will be provided.


How to Apply

Proposals must be submitted as a single PDF file via email to OPD_OVPR@stonybrook.edu by 11:59pm on April 17, 2020. Font size must be 11 points or larger with 1 inch margins.

A complete application will comprise of the following:

  • Cover page that includes the name(s) and department(s) of the PI and Co-PI(s), the title of the research project, and a brief project summary (200 word limit)
  • Project narrative that includes the following sections: Specific Aims, Research Methods, Potential Impact, and Timeline. Please include plans for future submissions to external sponsors in the project timeline. (2 page limit)
  • Budget narrative (1 page limit)
  • Biosketches for all key personnel (2 page limit per investigator)

MyResearch is not required for this submission.


Review Criteria

All applications will be peer reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific innovation and excellence
  • Potential to mitigate the impacts of the current pandemic
  • Strength of the research team
  • Clarity and efficiency of the budget
  • Ability to complete the project within the 12-month timeline
  • Opportunities created by the project to attract external funding


Additional Information/Questions

For more information, please contact the Office of Proposal Development at OPD_OVPR@stonybrook.edu.



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