Stony Brook Researchers Attend a SUNY Quantum Workshop at the Griffiss Institute in Rome, NY


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Stony Brook Researchers Attend a SUNY Quantum Workshop at the Griffiss Institute in Rome, NY

On November 29 & 30th, SUNY held an exclusive and interactive networking event bringing together 100 scientists from 7 SUNY campuses, the Air Force Research Laboratory, Brookhaven National Lab, the Griffiss Institute as well as industry leaders from D-Wave, IBM, and Applied Materials.

Held at the Griffiss Institute in Rome, New York, the event kicked off with a welcome by several dignitaries including Jacqueline Izzo, Mayor of Rome; Hon. Joseph A. Griffo, New York State Senator; William Wolf, Executive Director, Griffiss Institute; Dr. Paul Antonick, Chief Scientist, Information Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory; and Grace Wang, Senior Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development, SUNY.  

The welcome remarks were followed by Institutional ‘Flash Talks’ where each institution was asked to speak about ‘Why Quantum, Why Us and Why Now’ and provide an overview of Quantum related research activities at their respective institution.  Dr. Eden Figueroa, Associate Professor in the Department of Physics, who holds a joint appointment at Brookhaven National Lab, provided an excellent overview of Stony Brook’s research initiatives, including a Distributed Quantum Computing Networking project in collaboration with BNL’s Computational Science Initiative. Day Two included breakout sessions on identifying technical strengths throughout SUNY in the area of Quantum; two of these sessions were led by SBU faculty: Dr. Eden Figueroa led the Quantum Technology breakout and Dr. Tzu-Chieh Wei led the Quantum Information Theories and Algorithms breakout, both of whom are faculty in the Department of Physics.

Dr. Figueroa spoke about the challenges of scientists and engineers being able to ‘speak the same language’ when it comes to co-design of future large quantum systems and suggested a follow-up workshop on the Stony Brook campus to begin working towards this. Dr. Grace Wang was enthusiastic and offered funds to support a workshop that would bring the quantum and engineering communities together. Planning is currently underway to host such a workshop in March 2019.

Among the 8 Stony Brook faculty who participated, 2 were from the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (Sergey Suchalkin, IV Ramakrishnan) and 5 were from the College of Arts and Sciences (Xu Du, Eden Figueroa, Vladamir Korepin, Dominik Schneble, Tzu-Chieh Wei) and one was from the Institute for Advanced Computational Science (Predrag Krstic).  Together they represented Stony Brook’s strong expertise in Quantum technology, simulation, and communications.

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