NEW -  Important Information for Investigators with International Collaborations

AECA      Arms Export Control Act

BIS          Bureau of Industry and Security (Department of Commerce)

CCL         Commerce Control List

CFR         Code of Federal Regulations

DDTC       Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (Department of State)

DOC         Department of Commerce

DOD         Department of Defense

DOE         Department of Energy

DOJ         Department of Justice

DOS         Department of State

EAR         Export Administration Regulations

ECCN      Export Control Classification Number

EAA         Export Administration Act

FRE         Fundamental Research Exemption

IEEPA       International Emergency Economic Powers Act

ITAR         International Traffic in Arms Regulations

NRL          No License Required

OFAC       Office of Foreign Asset Controls

RPS          Restricted Parties Screening

TCP       Technology Control Plan

USML      United States Munitions List


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