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CITI Training

The CITI training program is a Web-based training program used by Stony Brook University to meet research compliance training requirements for faculty, students and staff. The curriculum includes modules for Human Subjects, Animal Use, Stem Cells, Conflict of Interest, Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarship (RCRS) training in various academic disciplines.

We have now enabled Stony Brook NetID Single Sign On (SSO) for CITI Program training. If you wish to complete any of the required training for research compliance, navigate to the CITI Program at, click Log in through My Institution, select SUNY - University at Stony Brook, and log in using your NetID and NetID password

Signing in with your NetID will enable better reporting of training data to help ensure compliance with training requirements and remove any manual emailing of certificates to the Office of Research Compliance. This will also allow us to interface your training results with the upcoming new research administration system.

If you have any questions regarding signing on to CITI, please contact University Information Systems/Research at

For information on finding or resetting your NetID credentials, see

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