Components of a Basic Submission for a New Project


NEW -  Important Information for Investigators with International Collaborations

  • Registration Form
  1. Select Designer on the left hand navigation bar
  2. Scroll down slightly to see "Add New Document" in the box in center of your screen - select this
  3. Scroll to bottom to ‘add’ the online wizard document called ‘Registration Form for IBC, IACUC or SCRO’ (lower or second blue shaded box). In the 2nd blue box (On-line Document) you will be able to access the Registration form for IBC, IACUC & SCRO from the drop down box.  Click on “Add”.
  4. Read each screens carefully as they come up and click “next”
  5. Fill in the blanks
  • Committee-specific Application
  • Grant, if applicable
  • Long Term (Animal) Housing Form– (if applicable)
  • Genetically Modified Rodent Registration (If applicable) 

With IRBNet, one project package can be separately submitted to one, two, or all three committees, if applicable. You can do this for new submissions, and you can do this if you want to submit continuing review materials to more than one committee, and have your various approval dates for IACUC, SCRO and/or IBC all be in sync.

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