Conferences - Hosting, Attending or Presenting Guidelines


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Are You Attending a Conference or Workshop?

Attendees should be cognizant of whether or not the conference or workshop they are attending is open (as defined in the export regulations - see below).

If you are attending a conference/workshop that is not open, a license may be required to share the information from that conference/workshop with foreign persons (even within the U.S.).

Open conferences will not ask that attendees complete forms confirming their nationality status or sign non-disclosure agreements.

Forms Requesting Nationality Status and Non-Disclosure Agreements for Conference Attendance

There are times when attending conferences or workshops that are closed are beneficial to the university and/or its faculty/staff. However, these forms require authorized institutional signatures. The Office of Research Compliance is the contact for forms requesting nationality status and the Office of Technology Licensing and Industry Relations is the contact for non-disclosure agreements.

Are You Hosting a Conference or Workshop?

All conferences or workshops hosted by the University or University staff/faculty should be open conferences (as defined by the export regulations - see below).

Conferences or workshops do not meet the criteria of open should be reviewed by the Export Compliance Officer to ensure that export licenses are not required for the event.

Are You Presenting at a Conference or Workshop?

Presenters presenting at conferences or meetings overseas are responsible for understanding export laws and regulations and how they apply to their respective disciplines and/or situations.

If any controlled information, technology, technical data or software will be transferred to a foreign party overseas, a license may be required prior to the transfer unless a valid licensing exception or exclusion applies.

In general, if you are presenting at a conference that will be open (as defined in the export regulations - see below) to anyone and the information to be presented is already published (International Traffic in Arms Regulations(ITAR)) or is information that will be published (Export Administration Regulations(EAR)) a license should not be required.

It is highly recommended that the presenter ensure that they comply with export controls whenever releasing information to third parties – any questions should be directed to the Export Compliance Officer.

Are There Any Special Considerations for Embargoed/Sanctioned Countries?

There are special rules for some embargoed/sanctioned countries - a license from the US Department of Treasury (OFAC) is required for conferences in Iran. If you plan on traveling to Iran, please consult with the Export Controls Officer.

What is Considered an "Open" Conference?

Under the EAR a "conference or gathering is considered “open” if all technically qualified members of the public are eligible to attend and attendees are permitted to take notes or otherwise make a personal record (but not necessarily a recording) of the proceedings and presentations." In all cases, access to the information must be free or for a fee that does not exceed the cost to produce and distribute the material or hold the conference (including a reasonable profit).

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