XII. Continuing Reviews /Termination Reports (Exempt Studies)


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Continuing Reviews /Termination Reports (Exempt Studies)

Once your project receives exemption status from the Office of Research Compliance, IRBNet will send those individuals with full project access an e-mail notification 90 and 60 days prior to the expiration of the exemption period. You should respond to the first notice as soon as possible, to ensure that there is no lapse in your study approval.

Once you receive your e-mailed notice to renew your exemption:

  • Go into your ‘My Projects’.
  • Click on the exact IRBNet package (including same suffix) referenced in the e-mail you received
  • Go into project designer, and select 'add new documents'. You will be creating a new package for this study.
  • Go into the Library, and download the ‘Exemption Status Report’
  • Complete the document and upload it back into IRBNet.
  • Obtain e-signatures of PI and Department Chair.
  • Submit the package as a ‘Continuing Review’ or ‘Closed/Final’ report, depending on whether or not you are continuing or ending the project (respectively).
  • You will receive renewal of exemption status (or acknowledgement of the closure) by ORC.
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