XI. Termination Reports (non-exempt studies)


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Termination Reports (Non-exempt Studies)

If you do not want to continue the study (including data analysis) past the study expiration date:

  • Go into your ‘My Projects’.
  • Click on the exact IRBNet package (including same suffix) referenced in the e-mail you received
  • Go into project designer, and select 'add new documents'. You will be creating a new package for this study.
  • Go into the Library, and download the ‘Application for Continuing Expedited or Full CORIHS Review’.
  • Complete the document as a Termination Report, and upload it back into IRBNet.
  • Obtain e-signatures of PI and Department Chair.
  • Submit the package as a ‘Closed/Final’ report.
  • You will receive acknowledgement of the closure by ORC.
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