III. How do you create and submit a continuing review package?


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How do you create and submit a continuing review package?


  • Consent documents should be submitted in Microsoft word, and should not be submitted on letterhead.
  • For instructions on how to terminate a study, see section XII
  • You can also take a document from a previous package of the project in IRBNet, revise it, and submit with the current continuing review package. See Section IX for instructions.


  • Create a new package to your previously approved project:
    • Go into your ‘My Projects’.
    • Click on the exact IRBNet project (including same suffix) referenced in the e-mail you received reminding you to renew your study
    • Go into Designer, and select 'Add New Document' at the bottom of the page, then select Create New Package
  • Download and complete the "Application for Continuing Expedited or Full CORIHS Review", a downloadable document located in the project’s Library (found on Designer page, step one) .
  • Download and complete other required, downloadable forms (found on Designer page, step one), in accordance with the requirements outlined in the CORIHS Submission Requirements for Continuing Reviews (Regular and Five-Year) which is also available in the project’s Library. Once completed, you will upload the completed forms from your computer. You will need to supply a ‘document type’: select the descriptor that best describes what you are uploading. If unsure, select ‘other’ and provide the description you want in the field called ‘description’. Then browse and find the document for uploading from your computer by clicking on ‘Add New Document’ in the Designer, and using the top shaded area on the next screen.
  • Upload other documents from your computer to complete the submission, such as sponsor protocol, investigator brochures, advertisements etc, by clicking on ‘Add New Document’, and using the top shaded area on the next screen.
  • Share with your project team members (see section IV).
  • Obtain appropriate signatures (see section V, VI).
  • Submit the package to the Stony Brook University Human Subjects Committee (IRB) by clicking the ‘Submit this Project ’ button on the left. You will be submitting to the Stony Brook University Human Research Committee (IRB). You will choose the submission type ‘Continuing Review/Renewal’.
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