DoIT Information Systems (Research)


NEW -  Proposal Submission Deadline Policy  - Begin March 4th, 2019

NEW - Federal Regulatory Requirements for Human Subjects Research - Begin January 21st, 2019

The DoIT Informational Systems (Research) group supports the technology infrastructure and systems that serve faculty, administrators and services across SBU's Research enterprise.

Systems Supported:

  1. myResearch - Grants
  2. myResearch - Agreements
  3. myResearch - COI
  4. Faculty Research Interests Database
  5. Funding Opportunities Database
  6. Responsible Conduct of Research Trainee
  7. Foreign Travel Approval Requests System
  8. Electronic Research Support Request System
  9. Export Controls Management
  10. Inteum C/S
  11. RFSUNY Business System Support
  12. SBRO Website

Events and Training

There are currently no upcoming events.

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