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Introduction to Export Controls

What are Export Controls?

Export controls are a body of federal regulations that regulate:

Disclosure, shipment, use, transfer, or transmission of any item, commodity, material, technical information, technology, software, or encrypted software for the benefit of a foreign person or foreign entity anywhere (including the transfer of controlled information within the U.S. “deemed export”).

Transactions and the provision of services involving prohibited countries, persons or entities based on trade sanctions, embargoes and travel restrictions.

Certain transactions with persons or entities designated on a federal restricted parties lists.

Common Definitions and Terms

Common Acronyms

Do I Need to Comply?

All members of the Campus Community must comply with U.S. export control laws when conducting any Activity

(1) on University controlled premises, or

(2) on behalf of the University at any domestic location, or

(3) on behalf of the University at any foreign location.

Please refer to P212 for definitions of Campus Community, Activity and University.

How Do I Comply?

The Office of the Vice President for Research provides a variety of CAMPUS TRAINING RESOURCES and GUIDANCE DOCUMENTS (step by step procedures) to support the Campus Community with their compliance with export control laws.

What Can Happen if I Don't Comply?

Penalties, fines, and sanctions (and in some cases jail time) can be imposed on the individual and/or the university for violation of the regulations. Voluntary disclosures can be made by the University to the federal agencies and may result in reduced penalties and/or sanctions if it is found that a violation had occurred.

How Can I Contact SBU's Export Control Officer?



This page is under development. If you have questions that you would like see answered, please email Susan.Gasparo@stonybrook.edu

Training Resources

The Office of the Vice-President for Research has the following training resources available to all faculty, staff and students to assist with compliance with the federal export regulations.

SBU Export Compliance Newsletters

New newsletter series to assist the campus community in understanding and complying with Export Control regulations.

Issue #3 (May 24, 2019) - International Visitors

Issue #2 (March 4, 2019) - International Shipping

Issue #1 (December 20, 2018) - International Travel Considerations (Travel to an Embargoed Country, Traveling with Items, Accepting Foreign National and/or Publication Restriction for Sponsored Research

December 7, 2016 Recorded Presentation by Don Fischer, attorney and principal of Fischer and Associates

Export Controls: Training and Awareness (NetID and password required)

In Person Trainings

To request a presentation, please contact the Office of Research Compliance at 2-9036.

Collaborative Institutional Training Institute (CITI), recommended as follows:

Faculty, Staff and Students Conducting Research:  Export Compliance for Researchers

Faculty, Staff and Students as Appropriate to Research Area:  Export Compliance for Biosafety, Export Compliance and International and Foreign Waters, Export Compliance When Using Technology in Research

Faculty, Staff or Students Involved in International Activities:  Export Compliance and United States Sanctions Programs, Export Compliance and Collaborations, Export Compliance and Distance Education, Export Compliance for International Shipping

Faculty, Staff or Students involved in Purchasing Activities:  Export Compliance for Purchasing

Non-Research Faculty and Staff in Campus Academic/Research Areas:  Introduction to Export Compliance

Staff in Office of the Vice-President for Research:  Export Compliance for Research Administrators

Staff in University Business Offices:  Export Compliance for Operational Departments

Go to our CITI Training page to learn how to access CITI


Research Foundation of SUNY and State University of New York Institutional Commitment to compliance with federal export regulations

Research Foundation for SUNY, Export Control Guidance

SUNY, Export Control Guidance

Stony Brook University Export Control Policy (P212)

Stony Brook University Confidential Export Control Escalation Policy

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