Facilities and Administrative Cost Policy


NEW -  Important Information for Investigators with International Collaborations

The full research rate or training rate must be used in all cases where a sponsor does not have a formal, uniformly applied, published policy and the project does not qualify under one of the other definitions explained below.

Both the research and training indirect cost rates include one rate for on-campus activity and another rate for off-campus activity. The campus policy on the application of the on and off-campus indirect cost rates is as follows:

The Principal Investigator shall determine the total certifiable effort of all Stony Brook project personnel (effort on any subcontract is excluded), whether or not salary funds are paid by the grant. The total off-campus effort should also be determined by calculating the total portion of the total certifiable effort of all Stony Brook project personnel that is off-campus, whether or not they are salaried from the grant. The relative proportion of off-campus effort to total effort should be rounded to the nearest 25%. No greater level of refinement is permitted.

Calculation of off-campus effort should not normally include travel such as that to a scientific meeting. It may include the effort of Stony Brook project personnel who travel for an extended period of time to specific research sites or research facilities which are essential to the conduct of the project, and which are not owned, leased or controlled by the University. All such off-campus activity should be specifically identified in applications for sponsor funds. Approvals for use of off-campus sites should also be submitted with applications for sponsor funds.

Should you have additional questions, please contact the Sponsored Programs Coordinator or the Contracts & Grants Administrator responsible for your department.   

Research and Development Rate1: applies to contracts/cooperative agreements and grants in support of research and/or clinical activities3.

7/1/14 – 6/30/17 58.0% MTDC2  On Campus  26% MTDC2 Off Campus
7/1/17 – 6/30/18 59.0% MTDC2   On Campus 26% MTDC2 Off Campus
7/1/18 - until amended 59.5% MTDC2    On Campus  26% MTDC2 Off Campus

Training and Sponsored Instruction Rate1: used for programs whose principal purpose is instruction and/or other educational activities3.

7/1/15 – 6/30/19 52% MTDC2     On Campus 26% MTDC2 Off Campus


Evaluative Testing Rate: used for agreements with companies providing a specific company-issued protocol to be used in testing and evaluating a new or investigational device, drug, or compound that they own. Such testing must be required to obtain or maintain federal government approval.

The objective of the study is either a) testing of drugs, devices, diagnostics, treatments, interventions, or preventive measures including testing for an unapproved indication or b) data collection to increase knowledge that would lead to enhanced safety and efficacy of a drug or device. The study must involve contact with humans, inclusive of medical record reviews. The study must be performed primarily in patient care areas and be industry sponsored or funded.

25% Total Direct Cost (Effective 7//2006)

Administrative Rate: applies to unrestricted gifts and other funds received in support of research or training activities where the sponsor provides the funds in advance and without further obligation on the part of the institution: i.e., no constraints on how the funds may be used, no financial or technical reporting requirements, no claims to copyright nor other claims to the ownership or licensing of intellectual properties.

This rate also applies to:

  • Income from
  • External Sources deposited to Service and Facility Accounts;
  • Copyright and/or licenses not flowing through the SUNY Patent and Invention Policy;
  • Materials use, multiple sponsor, and other authorized income accounts.
  • NYS Industrial Contracts affiliated with the following Stony Brook University centers:  Center for Advanced Technologies,  Center for Biotechnology, Center for Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology,  Advanced Energy Center, Center for Advanced Technology in Integrated Electric Energy Systems, Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence and the SPIR Program
  • Phase 1 subcontracts as part of STTR/SBIR awards
  • Fellowship awards from sponsors who do not have their own policy.
  • Awards made specifically and solely for support of a conference, seminar, or workshop tobe held at the Stony Brook Campus.

15% Total Direct Cost

Interpersonnel Agreement (IPA) Rate: applies to federal funds received to support expenses incurred by institution when faculty are involved in an assignment to that federal entity. These awards typically reimburse the institution for salaries, fringe benefits and travel expenses.

9% MTDC2 

Note: The evaluative testing and administrative rates do not apply to federal (or federal flow thru) funds. Applications for federal (or federal flow thru) funds shall include the rates approved by DHHS unless otherwise specified in the application guidelines.

1 Rates approved by DHHS in an agreement dated 01/28/2016

2 MTDC = Total Direct Costs less equipment, tuition/fees, participant support, in/out patient care costs, rental of outside facilities, amounts over the first $25,000 of each subcontract, and alterations/renovations. Alterations/Renovations are defined as having a cost of $15,000 or more per alteration or renovation. Cost of less than $15,000 are considered a miscellaneous expense.

3 Projects conducted in whole, or in part, off campus may apply the off-campus rate to that percentage of the project that is performed off campus. Percentages shall be rounded to the nearest 25%. No greater level of refinement is permitted.  

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