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Managing Your Grant

A WolfMart Requester is an individual appointed by their department to assist in the purchasing of items through the WolfMart system. Requesters do not have the authority to approve orders, but have the ability to search for items and also complete accounting information when creating the requisition. The Requester must submit the requisition to the Approver for final review and completion of the requisition.

Significant obligations are unpaid positions held as an officer, trustee, director, employee or consultant for a for-profit or not-for-profit entity, that would reasonably appear to directly and significantly affect (i.e., have a relevant and consequential effect on)  the work proposed for funding external and selected internal funding.

Graduate Research Assistants are eligible for tuition remission. Policy may be found at this site.

There are two methods of payment for subject cost.

a) The subject participates in a research project and he/she may be paid directly through the Procurement process once they complete their participation in the research study. The mechanism for payment is completed through submission of a Purchase Requisition along with a completed Human Subjects Payment Form (HSP) Once completed, both documents are to be submitted to the Office of Grants Management for processing.

The Procurement Office website is located at the following link: http://www.stonybrook.edu/procurement/

To locate Procurement Forms, please use the following link: http://naples.cc.sunysb.edu/Admin/HRSForms.nsf/proc/

The Requisition Form is located at the following link: http://naples.cc.sunysb.edu/Admin/HRSForms.nsf/f232d3967f29b79d85256e160...


b) The P.I. may also request a Cash Advance for a specific dollar amount to pay for study participants directly. This is accomplished by submitting a Purchase Requisition detailing the amount of funds requested along with a justification that approximates how many subjects are to be seen for which research project and what each subject will receive. When a cash advance is processed, an extra $1.00 is added to the P.O. (Purchase Order) This extra dollar will keep the P.O. open until the cash advance is reconciled. 

Cash advances are available to project directors under certain conditions to aid in the conduct of their grant activities. Advances can be used for field trip expenses, human subject payments and the purchase of materials and supplies. Funds can be advanced to cover anticipated needs for up to a 90 day period and must be reconciled (accounted for) with original receipts within that time frame. To be eligible for these funds PD's must take personal responsibility for their use in accordance with sponsor guidelines.

a) You will need to complete the appropriate Payroll Form that is available at the Human Resources website at the following link:


b) Right Click the Forms and Publications Area of the webpage

c) Right Click the Appointment/Change Form Category from the list appearing on the page. You will require either the Employee Appointment Form or the Employee Change Form. The appointment form is used for a first time appointment to an RF project, task and award. The change form is used subsequently once the original appointment to an RF funded project is made. I.E. a change in charging instructions / project, task and award information, labor distribution end date.

For questions pertaining to the appropriate classification of the employee, I.E. Regular Exempt, Regular Non Exempt, Salary and Wages Grad Exempt or Non Exempt, please contact the HR Payroll Service directly. Their contact information is available at the following webpage:


For specific instructions on relating to completing the payroll form/s please contact your Grants Management Specialist. The Office of Grants Management may be reached at 631-632-9308. You will be directed to the appropriate Grants Management Specialist who handles your department.

The request must be made within 60 days of the effective date of your appointment. The sponsor must allow the expenditure(s). Funds must be available to cover the expenditure(s). The items moved must be household and personal goods. The distance between old and new place of employment must meet IRS standards. Total reimbursement for all moving expenses may not exceed 12,000 lbs. For more information see: 

• IRS requirements for moving expenses are contained in Section 132 of the Internal Revenue Code

• IRS Publication 521 -- Moving Expenses -- contains the information required when preparing tax returns.

• Moving Expense Reimbursement Guidelines

• Moving Expenses: Requesting and Processing Reimbursements

The link below will provide you with the Fringe Benefit Rates for the various types of RF Employee's [Regular, Grad Student, Undergrad, Summer only, and SUNY Employee]. 


Research Foundation funded reimbursements must use the RF Independent Contractor Services Form and complete the travel section of the form. Original receipts are required. Consultants may only be reimbursed for their actual receipted meal expenses. They cannot claim the diem that is allowed employees and must have actual receipted expenses.

Being reimbursed with RF funds must use the Travel Voucher

RF funded reimbursements must use the RF Independent Contractor/Lecturer Services form (PROC0012) and complete the travel section of the form. Original receipts required. 


An electronic signatory system has been implemented that will make it easier for you to update your 

Delegates without the need to send in a signature form. Please click on the link below to access the 

Electronic Record of Authorized Signatures (ERAS) website. This link will also provide you with ERAS 

frequently asked questions. http://www.stonybrook.edu/eras/

How do I add a Signatory Delegate?ERAS - Electronic Record of Authorized Signatures

1. Obtain the SBID's or NetID's of your Delegates.

2. Log on to E-RAS.

3. Click on the account number that you wish to add a Delegate to.

4. Click on the Add/Remove button.

5. Fill-in the Level of Authority if necessary.

6. Repeat for each of your Delegates.

7. Click on the Done button.

8. Click on the Save and Confirm button at the top of the screen

To place an order, please log onto Stony Brook University's Wolfmart website. Link below.


Click here for detailed instructions on viewing and searching for AES Reports.

Each Signatory Delegate has an accompanying Level of Authority field where Account Directors can specify the limitation of the user's access.

Account Directors and Account Assistants cannot see their signatures.

The ability to see signatures is only available to the business office.

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