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General Information about the Office of Sponsored Programs

A sponsored project is defined as an activity that is sponsored, or funded, by an external organization, such as a federal, state, or private organization or agency to conduct research, training, educational activities, and public service projects which requires some kind of deliverable (a technical report, a financial report, milestones, etc.).

OSP contacts are listed here.

OSP's administrative structure divides the OSP staff into teams, Grants, Contracts and Clinical Trials Administrators. The Grants Administrators will assist primarily with review and the submission and administrative management of grant proposals. The Contracts Administrators will assist with negotiating of contracts, subawards, and most cooperative agreements. Clinical Trials Administrators are responsible for reviewing, negotiating and legally executing clinical trial agreements from external funding sources.
OSP is the coordinating office for external research funding. The Office assists faculty with proposal submissions for funding, negotiates and accepts awards. OSP also sets up awards, processes extensions, budget revisions and assists with other administrative matters.

Documentation would consist of letters from your collaborators acknowledging their participation on the project. Use of outside facilities, equipment or other resources require a letter from the person at that facility who is authorized to make such a commitment.

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OSP is committed to providing a variety of training workshops, labs, and outreach programs. The Events and Training section in the OSP page lists current and past workshops with corresponding training materials (where applicable), as well as links to other learning resources.

The News page provides a central repository for updates and policy changes at OSP as well as other issues that may pertain to research activities at RFSUNY/SBU.

It depends on department and college requirements. If such an arrangement is required or permitted, it is recommended that the PI provide the Chair or Dean with written or emailed approval to submit the proposal under the PI's name (with a copy to OSP for records).
Faculty should discuss potential commitment of university resources with OSP prior to submission of a proposal. Typically, faculty are not authorized to commit university resources in a contractual arrangement. University officials such as Chairs, Deans, Vice Presidents, the Provost and the President have the ability to commit resources but any such commitment for a sponsored project must be approved by the university officials and submitted to the sponsor through OSP.
The authorization to sign proposals, awards, and other non-financial official documents related to sponsored programs is vested in the Director, Grants, Contracts and Clinical Trials Administrators within OSP. Researchers should not sign any documents as the authorized university signatory.
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