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Developing, Preparing and Submitting a Proposal

Our Clinical Trials link provides ample information regarding the clinical trial submission process. The Office of Clinical Trials (OCT) provides pre award budgetary functions for clinical trials.

The Institutional Information Fact Sheet contains helpful information about the RFSUNY/SBU as well as frequently used rates and figures used in sponsored research activities.

Faculty can develop searches and receive e-mailed listings of award opportunities from several sources. Contact Office of Research Development and Assessment for assistance in finding funding opportunities, information or review the information on external funding. 

It is mandatory that all applications are routed through myResearch Grants and OSP review/approval at proposal stage. If you receive an award letter/agreement without the mandatory routing process, expect a delay in processing as you would have to route a copy of the proposal and budget via myResearch Grants. OSP will have to review the submission and the award documentation for compliance with university rules. If the proposal is not compliant, OSP will contact the sponsor to make any necessary revisions to the proposal in coordination with the Principal Investigator.

Most department Chairs and Deans delegate signature authority when they are out of the office. If a designee is not available, discuss the situation with your OSP contact.

Your Chair and Dean are required to sign off on the proposal so that they are aware of the research and sponsored activity taking place in their department and college; their signatures are obtained via COEUS. Additionally, the Chair and the Dean are permitted to commit university resources to the proposal if required. Their signatures authorizing such commitments are necessary for the university's records.

It depends on the sponsor; different sponsors use different electronic systems. Most systems require data and files related to the proposal to be uploaded into the sponsor's system, either through use of a sponsor-created software package, or through the World Wide Web. Your OSP representative will assist you with the submission.

No, all proposals to external funding agencies must be reviewed and authorized by OSP before they can be submitted to a sponsor.

Any proposal that requires an authorized university signature and involves a project that commits university resources, proposes deliverables (technical report, financial report, etc.), requires a budget, involves a subrecipient, and involves compliance such as human subjects, animal subjects, radiation, or biohazards. Contact your OSP representative if you have questions about whether your proposal should be submitted through OSP.

Yes, OSP will require a complete copy of your proposal application prior to signing, submitting or authorizing submission. Your COEUS submission will also have to be approved.

Your OSP representative can assist you with interpreting proposal guidelines.

OSP provides worksheets and templates on its website to assist you in this process.

Usually, OSP representatives will review and sign the final proposal. Hard copy proposals may also require the Principal Investigator (PI)'s signature. Some electronic systems will permit the PI to submit the final version of the proposal, which the PI should not submit without OSP authorization. A final copy of the proposal must always be provided to OSP. Your OSP representative should be able to determine who will need to be the final signer and submitter of the proposal.

Any sponsor forms related to the proposal submission - cover pages, budget pages, project abstract, representations and certifications, etc. are required. Additionally, the university utilizes myResearch Grants to obtain information about your proposal. If you have subrecipients on your proposal, OSP will also need a copy of the subrecipients' statement of work and budget, budget justification, and the Subrecipient letter of commitment form. In myResearch Grants you will need to load your budget, budget justification, abstract, resource and facilities statement. 

Information pretaining to sponsor held limits on proposals from universities may be found on this page.

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