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Contracts and Clinical Trials Administrators are responsible for reviewing, negotiating, and accepting awards on behalf of the university. Awards are thoroughly reviewed to make sure that the university can legally comply with the terms and conditions, and that those terms and conditions do not place unnecessary risk or burden on the university. Most agreements are held up when an industry sponsor has a rigid Intellectual Property position. These delays are often resolved through explanation of our limitations that govern property rights to IP generated from sponsored research.

The process for finalizing a contract may be brief or lengthy, depending on the complexity of the project to be sponsored and what the sponsor expects to obtain for its support. If a non-federal sponsor accepts RFSUNY/SBU's standard agreement without modification, obtaining the signed contract may take a few weeks.

The process of establishing a contract will begin in the OSP with your assigned Contract or Clinical Trials Administrator. Your CA/CTA will collect the necessary forms and information and will work with you and the sponsor to negotiate and finalize the Agreement.

The funding agency will contact you and/or the OSP representative once an award is made or is going to be made. If the notice of award is sent directly to the PI, the PI should forward the notice to OSP. In case of contracts or clinical trials, Principal Investigators will have to either review and provide consent to proceed with the signature process, or will be asked to sign “Read and understood”.

Should you receive the award directly from the sponsor, deliver it to OSP for review and signature, as required. The Account Establishment Unit shall set up your internal account number.

It is your responsibility to coordinate such paperwork with the Office of Grants Management. Your departmental Research Administrator might be able to provide assistance in preparation of any paperwork associated with your project.
Usually, the Office of Grants Management will prepare financial reports required by the sponsor. In unusual cases, you may be asked to assist with the preparation of the reports, especially if receipts for expenditures are required or when the reporting documentation is extensive. Additionally, sponsors sometimes would like a copy of the technical report to be sent with the financial report. You will be contacted to coordinate submission of the financial report with your technical report in those cases.
When an award has been issued and received by OSP, it is ready to receive an account number. This process will be completed by the Account Establishment Unit. Once this account is set up you will be notified by email.
An advanced account is an account that can be set up for you prior to receipt of your award. Discuss your options with your OSP representative.
If you have been notified by the sponsor that an award is imminent, let OSP know. There is a process to set up an advanced account for many types of awards so you can begin spending in advance of the receipt of the award. It is important to know the intended start date of the award so that spending does not occur prior to this date.

Deliver the check to the Office of Grants Management for deposit. (Do not send the check by campus mail.)

No. The Research Foundation rules require that OSP accept awards on behalf of the university.
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