NEW -  Important Information for Investigators with International Collaborations

Subrecipients (Pre/Post Award)

The Principal Investigator is responsible for monitoring subrecipients' performance of the work they agreed to perform. In addition, the Principal Investigator shall work with the Office of Grants Management in reviewing and approving all subrecipient invoices for correct billing, including any required cost-sharing. The PI is also responsible for insuring the subrecipient submits all deliverables and technical reports as required under the subrecipient agreement.
A vendor provides a commercial item like paper, or a service, such as maintenance services for copiers. Vendor agreements are handled by the Procurement Office. A subrecipient, on the other hand, participates in the research by contributing to the development of the research and has an impact on the direction of the research. A subrecipient is a participant and collaborator in the project, unlike a vendor.
You will need a statement of work and budget to document their costing. Depending on the sponsor and the nature of the award, you may need to obtain detailed costing information from the subrecipient. This is particularly true in the case of subcontracts under prime agreements with Federal Acquisition Regulation clauses.

You would reference subrecipient by name in both your statement of work (and describe their activities) and in your budget, under either Subrecipients or Other Direct Costs and in your budget justification. Your subrecipients should also submit a Subrecipient commitment form, a statement of work, a budget, and justficiation.

Performance and completion of a designated portion of project objectives executed by an organization other than Stony Brook.
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