NEW -  Important Information for Investigators with International Collaborations

Post Award Issues - Extensions, Revised Budgets, Award Transfers

In many cases you may transfer your award. Discuss transfer with your department chair and if s/he approves the transfer, contact OSP. OSP will review sponsor requirements for the transfer process. You should finalize all expenditures on the project if transfer is approved. Additionally, if you anticipate transferring equipment or data, please let OGM know the details. You must let Inventory know if you are transferring equipment so that inventory can be updated.

You should review your award terms and conditions to determine the appropriate process for requesting changes to your award budget. If a sponsor approval is required, submit your rebudget request to your OSP representative together with the Institutional and /or Sponsor Approval Request Form with a justification of the proposed changes. OSP will forward the request to the sponsor. Upon receipt of sponsor approval, OSP will update the budget in the university's accounting system.

Provide your OSP representative with an Institutional and/or Sponsor Approval Request Form. You will need to provide a justification of why the extension is necessary. (Spending out the account is not a valid reason to extend a project.) OSP will submit the request to the sponsor and update the end date if the extension is approved

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