How do I pay for study subjects on my Research project?


NEW -  Important Information for Investigators with International Collaborations

There are two methods of payment for subject cost.

a) The subject participates in a research project and he/she may be paid directly through the Procurement process once they complete their participation in the research study. The mechanism for payment is completed through submission of a Purchase Requisition along with a completed Human Subjects Payment Form (HSP) Once completed, both documents are to be submitted to the Office of Grants Management for processing.

The Procurement Office website is located at the following link:

To locate Procurement Forms, please use the following link:

The Requisition Form is located at the following link:


b) The P.I. may also request a Cash Advance for a specific dollar amount to pay for study participants directly. This is accomplished by submitting a Purchase Requisition detailing the amount of funds requested along with a justification that approximates how many subjects are to be seen for which research project and what each subject will receive. When a cash advance is processed, an extra $1.00 is added to the P.O. (Purchase Order) This extra dollar will keep the P.O. open until the cash advance is reconciled. 

Cash advances are available to project directors under certain conditions to aid in the conduct of their grant activities. Advances can be used for field trip expenses, human subject payments and the purchase of materials and supplies. Funds can be advanced to cover anticipated needs for up to a 90 day period and must be reconciled (accounted for) with original receipts within that time frame. To be eligible for these funds PD's must take personal responsibility for their use in accordance with sponsor guidelines.

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