Proposal Submission Guide


Contractual or Consortium Arrangement Requirements (aka Subcontracts)

What is a subcontract/consortium arrangement?

Performance and completion of a designated portion of project objectives executed by an organization other than Stony Brook.

What do I need to include if another organization is a subcontractor on my proposal?

The following institutionally endorsed package must be provided to the Office of Sponsored Programs prior to your proposal submission:

  • Subcontractor Letter Of Intent Form
  • Statement of Work/Scope of Work
  • Budget
  • Budget Justification

Note:  Check the sponsor guidelines for any additional sponsor required information/documentation.

What do I need if I am going to be a subcontractor on another organization’s proposal?

A complete COEUS proposal that includes the following information specific to your role on the project:

  • Statement of Work
  • Budget
  • Budget Justification

How do I set up a subcontract once I receive an award?

You will then need to complete and submit a Purchase Order to the Contracts Administrator for your department.  

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