Proposal Submission Guide


Submitting the Proposal to Sponsor

What are the internal deadlines for processing a proposal through the Office of Sponsored Programs?

It is the policy that all proposals being submitted through the Office of Sponsored Programs at SUNY Stony Brook be received five working days before the sponsor’s deadline. 

How long should it take for my proposal to go through the myResearch Grants approval process?

Check with your department for their deadline policy for myResearch Grants submissions.   A reasonable approximation would be to allow 3-5 business days for your myResearch proposal to get through the approval cycle.   During periods of multiple deadlines you may need to allow for extra time.

My sponsor requires a hard copy of the proposal.  How is that handled?

You need to adhere to the same deadlines as electronic submissions and will need to use the sponsor’s deadline date (postmarked or receipt) as your submission date.   Depending on your schedule there are different methods of mailing a proposal to a sponsor.   If you plan on using an express mail courier, The Office of Sponsored Programs needs a completed mailing slip from the courier of your choice.   Currently, only Federal Express and UPS pick up in the OSP office.   If you are using a different mail courier you will be responsible to make arrangements for pickup. 

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