Grants Management


Once an Award has been accepted, and an account established, the Office of Grants Management (OGM) helps Principal Investigators, Project Directors and their respective staffs to manage the project. It does so by monitoring financial activity according to sponsor terms and conditions. The office of GM provides guidance on a wide variety of financial transactions, accounting services, and a range of informational reports.

Procuring Goods and Services

How to purchase and insure different research materials
What they can be used for and how to get one

Effort Certification and Reporting Technology (ECRT)

Benefits of ECRT
Helpful training resources
Log-In assistance
For more information

Equipment Insurance

Coverage on equipment
How to apply, how much it covers, and claims and deductibles

Authorized Signatories (E-RAS)

How to keep a record of authorized signatures for your project

Independent Contractors

Conditions for involving consultants
How to compensate independent contractors

Personnel Services

Understanding IFR transactions
How to compensate personnel
How to include fellows in research
How to manage summer salaries on research grants

RF Business System

Instructions for accessing the portal
Viewing integrated information from SUNY RF
Finding reports on expenditures
Where to get assistance


Policy governing travel for research
The Procurement Office's Travel Policies
How to comply to the Fly America Act
How to apply to travel abroad
Receiving and using a travel advance
National Science Foundation awards and administration guide on travel
This guides serves as the travel requirements for the Research Foundation for SUNY.

Financial Reporting and Award Closeout

Preparing financial reports for awards
Physical and electronic payments


Graduate Research Assistants are eligible for tuition remission. Policy may be found at this site.

Research Foundation funded reimbursements must use the RF Independent Contractor Services Form and complete the travel section of the form. Original receipts are required. Consultants may only be reimbursed for their actual receipted meal expenses. They cannot claim the diem that is allowed employees and must have actual receipted expenses.

Being reimbursed with RF funds must use the Travel Voucher

Accounts are automatically suspended if they have not been confirmed for a year or longer. Look for the accounts that have been identified as suspended and confirm that the Delegate information is accurate by:

  1. Clicking on an account number.
  2. If you do not need to make any changes to your Delegates, click on the Save and Confirm button.

Significant obligations are unpaid positions held as an officer, trustee, director, employee or consultant for a for-profit or not-for-profit entity, that would reasonably appear to directly and significantly affect (i.e., have a relevant and consequential effect on)  the work proposed for funding external and selected internal funding.

Click here for detailed instructions on viewing and searching for AES Reports.

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