How to Share a Package - Stem Cells


NEW -  Important Information for Investigators with International Collaborations

  1. When you are in your study package, press the ‘Share this Project’ button on the left, click on the ‘share’ option on the resulting page.
  2. You will first need to select the name of the organization where the individual is affiliated (Stony Brook University-SUNY will be highlighted by default, but you can share the study with collaborators at other organizations, just select the applicable organization from the list. If you don’t see the organization, it means that no one from that organization has registered to use IRBNet yet. You should contact the individual and tell him/her to register so you can share the project with him/her.)
  3. Hit ‘Select organization’.
  4. To share the package with individuals, you can search by last name (type it in and hit ‘search’) or if you don’t know the exact spelling, enter a space and then hit ‘search’, and a listing of all registered users for that organization will pop up. If the individual is not listed, it most likely means that the person has not yet registered on IRBNet. You should contact the individual and tell him/her to do so before you can share the project with him/her.

This screen also provides information regarding the different levels of access you can grant. Consider these levels, as appropriate, for each shared individual. Those with full access will be able to submit the project to the committee(s), and will receive e-mails with actions/decisions have been made on the project.  

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