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NEW -  Important Information for Investigators with International Collaborations

Which Institutional Review Board (IRB)?

Stony Brook IRBs

The University’s on-site Institutional Review Board (IRB) is used for all reviews except for studies as defined below as being reviewed by Advarra or National Cancer Institute’s Central IRB Adult and Pediatrics Initiative.

Non-Stony Brook (External) IRBs

​In addition to our partnership with Advarra and the NCI CIRBs (as described below), Stony Brook abides by the NIH ‘Policy on the Use of a Single Institutional Review Board for Multi-Site Research’, and encourages such single IRB review for non-NIH funded multi-center studies as well. In general, SBU will only cede IRB review to an external entity if that entity is AAHRPP accredited.

Note that Stony Brook is a participating institution in the SMART IRB National IRB Reliance Initiative. All participating sites have signed the SMART IRB agreement that enables them to accept each other's IRB as the IRB of record for a multi-site study, if so desired. Investigators are encouraged to review to see if their other collaborating sites are participating too.


SBU investigators wishing to conduct industry-funded, industry-initiated biomedical research studies must use the IRB services provided by our associate, Advarra. All other studies (e.g. investigator-initiated, etc.) must be reviewed by the local SBU IRB. There is one exception to this requirement. If the following criteria is met, review will need to be conducted by our local IRB:  when the industry sponsor will not accept direct invoicing from Advarra and/or allow direct payments to Advarra. 

National Cancer Institute’s Central IRB Adult and Pediatrics Initiative

Stony Brook University is a participant in the National Cancer Institute’s Central Institutional Review Board (CIRB) Initiative. Local investigators who wish to enroll patients onto CIRB-approved protocols are encouraged to utilize this service. Such investigators should first contact Ms. Lu-Ann Kozlowski so that she may complete paperwork to secure a username and password for the PI and study coordinator. NCI requires that investigators wishing to do so must first submit CIRB review materials (along with minimal local paperwork) to their local IRB for a facilitated review (similar to our expedited review process), to confirm the acceptability of CIRB as the IRB of record for that particular study.

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