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Stem Cells IRBNet

IRBNet is SBU's electronic system for the administration and management for Biosafety

Components of a Basic Submission for a New Project

Create and Submit a New, First Time Submission

How to Add a Document

Download and save the form to your computer. Once you have completed it and saved it to your computer, upload it back into your submission package. This is done by clicking the 'Add New Document' button in the Designer and uploading the file from your computer (via the top, shaded, box). You will now see the completed form added to your document package

How to Share a Package

What Your Electronic Signature Means on an IRBNet Package

Before you sign an IRBNet package, be sure to refer to the last pages of the IACUC, IBC, and/or SCRO application (as applicable) to understand what you are certifying when you sign the IRBNet package for the activity.

Respond to Committee Concerns, Post-Review

Create and Submit a Continuing Review Package – First or Second Renewal

Create and Submit a Continuing Review Package – Full Triennial Review

Submit an Amendment to your Approved Study

Locked vs. Unlocked Packages

Once a study is submitted to a committee office, it is LOCKED in that office.

VERY IMPORTANT: You can continue to obtain investigator signatures on a locked package. Under no circumstances should you create a new package just for the purpose of obtaining signatures.

Packages can only be unlocked by ORC Staff. This can be done if you let us know that you’ve made an error in something that you just submitted, or if we let you know that we see something that is missing or needs to be fixed before review.

IRBNet Numbering System

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