Management of Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) and Conflict of Obligation (CO)

The Office(s) of the Vice President for Research will be CLOSED as follows during this holiday season:
Monday and Tuesday, December 24 and 25 - Christmas Holiday
Monday and Tuesday, December 31 - January 01, 2019

Management Plan

For all identified FCOI’s and CO's, the DIO will develop and implement a Management Plan. If the University is unable to resolve a real or potential conflict of interest or the appearance of same, it will decline to perform the activity in question. Where human subjects are involved, the IRB may modify and/or add to the Management Plan. Where there is discrepancy or disagreement, the IRB's decision will supersede that of the DIO. The DIO sends the Management Plan to the Investigator. The Investigator must then provide concurrence and certification for compliance (signature) with the Management Plan in order for the award to be established or the unfunded agreement to be institutionally endorsed. The DIO will convey the notice of FCOI and/or CO and associated signed Management Plan to the Chair of the COI Committee, Assistant Vice-President of Research Compliance, Investigator, associated Chair, and associated Dean (the VPR will serve in this capacity when the investigator is a dean or vice president, or is otherwise conflicted).

Management Plan Compliance

The Investigator is required to comply with all terms of a Management Plan, including the submission of any resulting Publications via myResearch.

Management Plan Monitoring

For all identified FCOI's and CO's, the DIO will monitor compliance with the Management Plan. Such monitoring will be documented.

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