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Overview of myResearch Grants

myResearch Grants provides a flexible, scalable and configurable electronic grants management and System-to-System (S2S) proposal-submission solution that can be used to simplify sponsored project lifecycle processes while meeting sponsor and institutional compliance requirements. This module provides a platform for:

  • Robust, transparent and flexible workflow
  • Electronic proposal routing for internal review and approval, credit distribution, notifications and error checking
  • Budgeting capability
  • System-to-system proposal submission for most applications
  • Integration and sharing of information between other myResearch modules.

As an integrated electronic system, myResearch Grants allows for multiple users to access the same funding proposal record online for both updating and review. In addition, up-to-date reporting using a number of different querying factors is available at any time.

To navigate the myResearch website click here.

About myResearch Grants

What is myResearch Grants

myResearch Grants is an electronic gateway for the submission, review, approval and tracking of funding proposals and related budgets for research at our institution. The Office of Sponsored Programs maintains all information regarding grant and contract applications, budgets and on-going annual adjustments to research funding using this system.


Benefits of using myResearch Grants include:

  • Standardizes budget preparation and review
  • Minimizes sponsored research review time
  • Opportunity coverage for NIH, NSF, DoD, and more
  • Eliminates redundant data entry and improves collaboration between sponsored research and finance
  • Expedites award setup and improves financial accuracy
  • Transparent award change management
  • Ensures consistent processes and timely reminders to researchers and staff for pending work items
  • Provides management visibility into research portfolio demographics and financial planning metrics
  •  Management of budgets, milestones, contract terms, sub-recipients, and compliance status

Submit a Proposal

The tools below will allow you to activate your myResearch account which will enable you to then log on to myResearch to begin preparation of your proposal.  Use the Checklist to be sure you have competed all mandatory sections.  The required routing documents in myResearch Grants, besides the completed Budget section of your proposal, are: 

  1. For non-clinical trials: your Abstract/scope of work (SOW), Facilities Statement, and Budget Justification or a full copy of your proposal as appropriate.

  2. For clinical trials: the Protocol, Informed Consent Form, Final Approved Budget, and Facilities Statement. The Budget section does not have to be completed for pharma or investigator initiated drug or device clinical trials.

myResearch Training

The training sessions will cover the myResearch Grants proposal and endorsement process, including funding proposals, budget preparation, and credit split. Registration is open and we encourage all users to sign up and attend one of the trainings at a convenient time in order to prepare for future submissions.

A few things to keep in mind when signing up for training:

Each training session will cover the same content, so only sign up for multiple dates if you would like a refresher on the information.

We reserve the right to cancel any given training session within 24-48 hours of the training date if signup counts are low.  If this occurs, we will assist you in choosing an alternative training date.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, and space is limited.  Reserve your spot early!





  • Add a New Sponsor
  • Request Training/Demo (OSP is working on implementing additional training options such as inline manuals and video tutorials. Departmental training can be offered upon request with early notice so that training can be planned accordingly).


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