One Person/One Password University Requirement


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One Person/One Password University Requirement

All faculty, staff and students accessing/using SBU IT systems should familiarize themselves with Policy P109, ‘Use of Information Technology’, available at Of note is the requirement at section 4.B ‘Personal Account Responsibility’:

Users are responsible for maintaining the security of their own IT Systems accounts and passwords. Any User changes of password must follow published guidelines for passwords. Accounts and passwords are normally assigned to single Users and are not to be shared with any other person without authorization by the applicable Systems Administrator. Users are presumed to be responsible for any activity carried out under their IT Systems accounts or posted on their personal web pages.

Any practices that involve sharing one password among many individuals (without authorization by an ‘applicable Systems Administrator’) should cease and desist as soon as possible. Please review your various IT access procedures and ensure that you comply with this important policy.

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