Implementation of myResearch Grants - Training and Updates


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Implementation of myResearch Grants - Training and Updates

As previously announced, beginning July 1, 2018, our institutional proposal submission process will transition from COEUS to the new Grants module in myResearch. myResearch Grants is on target to go live May 15, 2018. Since COEUS will cease operation after June 30th, it is imperative that PIs and administrative staff be mindful of this transition and how it may affect sponsor deadlines. Therefore, proposal preparation and submission must be planned accordingly.

In order to provide the Office of Sponsored Programs with sufficient time to transition, all COEUS applications should be submitted by June 22nd at the latest. COEUS will no longer be accessible to the campus on July 1st, so it is strongly recommended that any important information currently stored in COEUS be downloaded and stored elsewhere.

Training for myResearch Grants will begin May 4th. The training sessions will cover the myResearch Grants proposal and endorsement process, including funding proposals, budget preparation, and credit split. Classrooms have been held for in-person training in both East and West Campus locations.

The link to register is:

In addition to the in-person training, the Office of Sponsored Programs is offering the opportunity to attend two livestream sessions of the myResearch Grants training.

When: Monday, May 7th from 9-11am AND Wednesday, May 9th from 9-11am

How to access the livestream session: Click the following link: myResearch Grants Training - Livestream:

For any questions or comments related to myResearch Grants, please email us at:

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