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myResearch Grants Update

As of July 1, 2018, myResearch Grants has been the sole active research proposal routing system. 

COEUS ceased operation on June 30th and is no longer accessible to the campus.


Please join the Office of Sponsored Programs training team as they guide you through the myResearch Grants proposal creation process and more!

Training sessions located in Melville Library


·         08/21/2018; 8/23/2018 (9-11 am OR 1-3 pm)

·         9/4/2018; 9/11/2018; 9/18/2018; 9/25/2018 (9-11 am)

·         9/6/2018; 9/13/2018; 9/20/2018; 9/27/2018 (1-3 pm)

Where: Melville Library C1640B

To sign up for these training classes, or any other we offer, click here

Training sessions located in HSC


·         8/22/2018; 9/20/2018 (9:30 – 11:30 am OR 1-3 pm)

Where: HSC Computer Lab (HST 3-149)

To sign up for these training classes, or any other we offer, click here.


Livestream Sessions

In addition to the in-person training, the Office of Sponsored Programs offered during the month of May, two livestream sessions of the myResearch Grants training. The link to the presentation can be accessed here.

Helpful reference training guides are posted here.


Selected Enhancement

  • A matrix outlining the intended uses for myResearch now and in the future is posted here.  If you are expecting a modification to an award, such as a continuation, supplement, etc, please contact your OSP grant or contracts specialist to learn if and how it can be processed through myResearch.

  • In myResearch Grants, the Facilities Statement for clinical trial submissions is no longer mandatory.  

  • For all proposals, Co-Investigators will no longer certify or approve an application. Instead, they will receive a notification once the proposal is submitted by the Principal Investigator which they can review. Chairs and Deans will approve for all investigators and key personnel listed on an application.  

  • The Researchers web page has been modified to include up to date information regarding the system status. If you would like to subscribe to email notifications on future system statuses, please visit:

  • Designated members of a proposal team have the authority to submit applications on behalf of principal investigators. On the Certifications and Representations page, one of two options must be selected. Once proposals are routed, the principal investigators will receive an email notifying them of a submission on their behalf. If they feel that the submission was done in error or if they do not authorize the submission, they must notify OSP within 24 hours.

  • Additional changes and enhancements can be found in the monthly OSP Bulletin.



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