Limited Competitions


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Limited Competitions

A number of sponsors, both private and federal, restrict the number of individuals or applications that may be submitted by the University. In these cases the Office of Proposal Development (OPD) will either conduct and internal competition or canvass the campus community for interest.

Internal Competitions:  When a funding agency requires nomination of a limited number of faculty for an award, an internal competition takes place. The Office of Proposal Development will broadly disseminate the information from the funding agency and defines the guidelines for submission of materials and deadlines for the internal competition. The nominations received are evaluated by discipline specific faculty committee as well as the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and the SOM Research Dean.

Generally a pre-proposal will consist of:

●        An abstract describing the scope of the project, expected/intended outcomes, the personnel involved, and existing resources (no more than 2 pages)

●        a detailed budget i.e., salary, fringe, travel, tuition, equipment, subcontracts, indirect costs, as applicable (no more than 1 page)

●        a curriculum vitae or biosketch

●        cost sharing commitments (if applicable)
Pre-proposals will be sent to a faculty committee for review and scoring. Stony Brook’s top candidate(s) will receive proposal assistance from OPD for their submission to the sponsor.

Canvassing:  In order to minimize the administrative process for faculty in some cases OPD will ‘canvass’ the campus community for interest. If the number of interested applicants exceeds the sponsor limit, a full internal competition will be coordinated.

In addition to email notifications, all current internal limited competitions and canvasses are listed on the OPD website.

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