X. Locked vs. Unlocked Status

The Office(s) of the Vice President for Research will be CLOSED as follows during this holiday season:
Monday and Tuesday, December 24 and 25 - Christmas Holiday
Monday and Tuesday, December 31 - January 01, 2019

Locked vs. Unlocked Status

Once a study is submitted to the IRB, it will be LOCKED


You can continue to obtain investigator signatures on a locked package. Under no circumstances should you create a new package just for the purpose of obtaining signatures.

Packages can only be unlocked by ORC Staff. This can be done if you let us know that you’ve made an error in something that you just submitted, or if we let you know that we see something that is missing or needs to be fixed before forwarding to CORIHS.

When you need to respond to a CORIHS review, or if you want to submit an amendment, or continuing review, you will create a new package for the project by adding documents in the designer for that project. See sections VIII and IX for details.

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