Proposal Development (OPD)


The Office of Proposal Development (OPD) is committed to providing Stony Brook University’s research community with high level support to identify extramural funding opportunities, build networks, and foster collaborations for the development of large, complex and innovative proposals.  To accomplish these goals, OPD manages limited competitions and the faculty interest database; organizes workshops and trainings in grantsmanship; connects researchers to institutional resources; proofreads content in the grant applications; oversees the administrative components of the proposal development process and is currently creating a repository of successful sample materials.  


The PI, or Principal Investigator, is the person who conducts the research study. The PI is also the person who is responsible for making sure everything is done properly. Along with the PI, there may be other persons who help with the study.  For example, if it is a medical study, there may be a nurse involved in conducting the study.  There are also people who look at all the data that is collected in the study and other individuals involved in operating the study.

Yes. You will need to apply using the Research Support Request form. More information about institutional support may be found at this site. 

Collaborative opportunities may be found on the Search for Collaborators page.

Information pretaining to sponsor held limits on proposals from universities may be found on this page.

Events and Training

There are currently no upcoming events.

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