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NEW -  Important Information for Investigators with International Collaborations

   Stony Brook University conducts some of the most exciting research in the world. The benefit of that research goes to public benefit through two primary channels. First, research results are disseminated widely to the public through publications and presentations, contributing to our larger body of knowledge about how the world works. Second, when the research results in new discoveries of interest to industry, OTLIR engages to facilitate transfer to the business community, where the innovation will be further developed to bring new products and services to market for the benefit of all stakeholders.

   Bridging SBU invention with industry requires continuous engagement with all members of the innovation ecosystem. OTLIR receives invention disclosures from faculty, staff and students, which we evaluate for commercial potential. The most promising are protected with intellectual property. When possible, we license this intellectual property to industry. These licensing partners can be large, well-established companies or start-ups that OTLIR helps to launch.

   If the inventions are successfully commercialized, cash royalties are collected by OTLIR that provide funding to SBU, the inventors' departments and schools, and the inventors themselves. We strive to be a valuable partner to both the campus and external community. Whether you are a faculty member considering an invention disclosure to our office, a company looking for promising new technologies, or other member of the larger innovation ecosystem, we look forward to working with you.


Peter Donnelly

Director Office of Technology Licensing and Industry Relations SUNY Stony Brook

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