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Technology Licensing and Industry Relations
Position Name Phone Number E-mail
Associate Vice President for Technology Partnerships Peter Donnelly 631-632-9009
Director of the Office of Technology Licensing and Industry Relations Sean Boykevisch, Ph.D. 631-632-6952
Administrative Assistant Maureen E. Case 631-632-1362
Assistant Director (Engineering and Appl. Sciences) Donna Tumminello 631-632-4163
Licensing Specialist Valery Matthys, Ph.D. 631-632-6561
Financial Manager Linda Galvin 631-632-6964
Financial Assistant Debra Passariello 631-632-6427
Docket Manager LeAnn Acconcia 631-632-1497
Financial Assistant Frances Ribaudo 631-632-1072
Technology Commercialization Assistant James Martino 631-632-6962
Technology Marketing Specialist Olga Kaufman
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