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Overview of COI

Where Can I Find the More Information?

Standard Operating Procedures

Investigator Conflict of Interest Policy (P209)

Conflict of Interest FAQs

Annual COI Certification (Disclosure) in myResearch

Who Has to Submit an Annual Certification?

In general, the following groups need to submit an Annual Certification, please note the term funded research includes both proposals and awards:

  • Faculty members that participate in funded research;
  • Staff and graduate students that meet the definition of Investigator and participate in funded research
  • Staff and graduate students named as study personnel on IRB submissions that have current or pending funding.

Note: The principal investigator is expected to oversee undergraduates listed on their research studies to safeguard against bias in the undergraduate's work.

When is My Annual Certification Due?

All Annual Certifications are due between May 1st and May 31st of each year.

Where Do I Submit my Annual Certification?

myResearch (Huron Click) Conflict of Interest Module

How Do I Submit my Annual Certification?

Follow these steps

  • Click Login under COI
  • Sign in with your NetID and password
  • Go to COI
Then: If this is your first submission or if you need to report a change in your interests:
  • Select Update Disclosure
  • When asked why you are doing this activity - enter the appropriate reason that you are completing the disclosure, for example Annual Certification or Change in Interest
  • Select Edit Disclosure
  • Then continue through the screens
Then: If this is in response to a request to submit an annual certification:
  • Select the Annual Certification for (your name)
  • Select Edit Disclosure
  • Then continue through the screens

What If I Have Changes During the Year?

Any changes in outside interests must be reported in myResearch within 30 days of acquiring said interest.

How will Compliance be Managed?

Establishment of new awards, changes in faculty (additions or changes in PI) on existing awards, award actions for PHS (NIH) annual continuations, submission of proposals and approval of new or continuing review funded IRB applications require both an annual certification and COI training.

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