OVPR Seed Grant Program

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OVPR Seed Grant Program Overview

Announcing the new

OVPR Seed Grant Program

The OVPR Seed Grant Program aims to give Stony Brook University faculty a competitive edge in securing external research funds by supporting and fostering innovative scientific and scholarly activities that will lead to the development of highly competitive proposals for extramural funding. Competitive seed grant applications must provide strong evidence that the proposed research topic is aligned with existing or upcoming funding priorities.  The types of projects proposed can range from proof of concept or feasibility studies, to the development of new, interdisciplinary teams leading to the formation of large, collaborative research projects.  Applicants can be single PI or multiple PIs and the typical project lengths should be 12-18 months.  Proposals should provide a clear timeline to the submission of a proposal to an external sponsor within 18 months.

We expect to make at least 10 awards at a maximum of $70,000 per award in the 2018-2019 academic year.

Please direct all questions to:  OPD_OVPR@stonybrook.edu

How to Apply to the New OVPR Seed Grant Program

How to apply: 

There will be two competitions in the 2018-2019 academic year.  The application must be completed online and received no later than 11:59pm EST on Monday, October 8, 2018, or February 24, 2019.  You may access the online portal here. You will receive a confirmation email that your application has been received.  If you do not receive this email, please contact the Office of Proposal Development at OPD_OVPR@stonybrook.edu to confirm.

Page limits for each section are listed below. All uploaded documents should be in PDF format. Font size must be 11 points or larger with 1 inch margins. Smaller text in figures, graphs, diagrams and charts is acceptable, as long as it is legible when the page is viewed at 100%.

  1. Names of PI and Co-PIs(s), and their respective department(s)
  2. Project Title
  3. Overview/Abstract (1 page limit)
  4. Project Description (including project goals/objectives and how they align with the seed grant objectives) - (5 page limit)
  5. References - (2 page limit)
  6. Strategy and timeline for submitting a proposal to an external sponsor (indicate the specific sponsor/program; 1 page limit)
  7. Current and pending funding (no page limit)
  8. CV required for all PIs and Co-PIs (2 page limit per investigator)
  9. Budget and Budget Justification (no page limit)

Budget/Justification: All costs should be itemized in the budget and justified in the budget justification. Budgets should not exceed $70,000. Personnel related expenses must include fringe. Travel funds may be requested but must be necessary to perform the proposed research. Given that these are internal funds, F&A costs should not be included in the budget. The Graduate School is offering a Tuition on Research Grants (ToRG) waiver and tuition scholarship for supported Stony Brook PhD students. Please indicate TORG waiver request in your budget justification but do not budget tuition.*  

*PIs should indicate this in their budget submission and also, check "waiver" on the students' payroll appointment forms. This is only relevant to programs administered by the Graduate School. PhD students' graduate tuition scholarships should continue to be processed via their graduate program's GTS rosters through the Grad Finance office. 

Review: All applications that comply with these guidelines will be peer reviewed based on scientific/technical merit and fit to this particular opportunity.  Finalists will be required to present their project concept to a panel of university academic/research leaders for final selection.

Eligibility: All PIs must be current, full-time, tenured or tenure track faculty at Stony Brook University. Exceptions for full-time non-tenure track faculty may be requested and must be accompanied by written endorsement from the department chair at least 15 days before the deadline (sent to:OPD_OVPR@stonybrook.edu).  A response will be provided within 5 business days.

Progress Reports: Awarded projects will be required to submit a progress report 12 months after the receipt of the seed funds and a final report 18 months after.  A template will be provided.

Please direct all questions to:  OPD_OVPR@stonybrook.edu

OVPR Seed Grant Program Timeline

Timeline (dates are subject to change): 

Fall 2018

Application deadline:  Receipt on or before October 8, 2018
Closed presentations:  November 5 and 6, 2018
Winners announced:  November 19, 2018
Funds available on or about December 10, 2018*

* Contingent upon completion of myResearch to the awardee by November 26, 2018

Spring 2019

Application deadline:  Receipt on or before February 25, 2019
Closed presentations:  TBD
Winners announced:  May 10, 2019
Please direct all questions to:  OPD_OVPR@stonybrook.edu

OVPR Seed Grant Program Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Updated 10/8/18:

Q:  If I do not win in the fall, can I automatically be considered in the spring?

A:  No, you must reapply.  If comments were provided, we will make them available to PIs to help inform improvements.

Q:  How will I know whether my application was received on time?

A:  You should receive an email containing a timestamp from the submission portal confirming that your application was received. If you do not receive this email, please contact the Office of Proposal Development at OPD_OVPR@stonybrook.edu to confirm.

Q:  Can my seed grant project have subawards?

A:  Yes, if strong justification is provided.  Note, however, that sub-awardees will require F&A costs, which could add a significant amount to the budget.

Q:  Are there any restrictions on being a PI or CoPI on more than one application? 

A:  A faculty member can only be PI on one application and CoPI on two.

Q:  Can PIs at Stony Brook on the same seed grant project receive separate funding awards?  

A:  Yes, each PI can have their own projects with signature authority on only their portion of the award.  The budget justification should clearly indicate the relevant budget items for each PI.

Q:  How can I trust confidentiality in proposing my research ideas?   

A:  All peer reviewers will be selected after the receipt of all applications to minimize conflicts of interest. In addition, the expectation of confidentiality among the reviewers will be emphasized throughout the review process.  The reviewers will provide scores on multiple scales to ensure reliability of the scoring rubric and will be encouraged to provide review comments to guide improvements to the proposal.

Q.  Will the institution provide support for the development of these seed grants into proposals for external funding?  

A.  Yes, the intention of this seed grant program is to support our investigators in the pursuit of extramural funding for their most promising research ideas.  Therefore, as part of this new seed grant initiative, the Office of Proposal Development is available to provide support to all seed grant awardees in the development of full proposals to external funding agencies.

Please direct all questions to:  OPD_OVPR@stonybrook.edu

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